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Anti-corrosive treatment of metal structures
• Flush surface cleaning – sandblasting;
• Coating of metal structures with anti-rust paint systems;
• Decorative painting of metal structures – high quality.

Anti-corrosive treatment of concrete structures
• Surface cleaning with ultra high pressure water device or sandblasting;
• Coating of open reinforcement rods with anti-rust mixtures;
• Restoration of shredded spots using maintenance mixtures;
• Continuous luting using cement mixtures.

Buildings structural fire prevention painting under the existing law of technical regulations and constructional law.
• Fire prevention painting/coating of metal structures;
• Fire prevention painting/coating of wooden structures;
• Fire prevention sealing of linear junctions and communicative openings.

Facade painting
• Cleaning of facades;
• Repair of plastered facades;
• Facade painting.

Industrial floors
• Floor base preparation;
• Installation of auto-levelling flooring;
• Epoxy or epoxy – polyurethane floor casting (public, food industry, and other objects).